A few days ago we performed one of our favorite shows, "Shadow Alive", a shadow theater show. This is probably the most narrative show we do, with it we have told the story of companies such as Airbus, Nokia or Howdens Joinery.

On March 23rd we had the pleasure of being part of the Opening Ceremony of the 42nd edition of El Ejido Theater Festival in Almeria. The Festival is declared “Festival of Tourist Interest of Andalusia” and showcases of some of the best proposals of performing arts.

Our challenge for this performance: using shadow theater, taking the audience to a journey through the history of the theater, and summarizing part of the content of the Festival's program in approximately five minutes. An honor and a challenge that we took gladly and with great enthusiasm. We went from the rite to the myth, through Shakespeare and Lope de Vega plays, we took a peek at the intricacies of what happens backstage and review some of the works that El Ejido will see very soon on their stage.

Do you know how many of the paintings of the Prado Museum are paint by women?

Seven. From the more than 1000 paintings exhibited at the museum, only seven are paint by Women. Inspired by this jaw-dropping disproportion, Carlus Padrissa, artistic co-director from the world famous performance company, La Fura dels Baus, creates an homage to the three female painters, creators of the seven paintings, through video and performing arts, the celebration of the bicentenary of the Prado museum.

Three aerial dancers and actresses, directed by Marta Gutierrez, artistic director of AcroEvents, dance on the museum’s facade, transformed on a stage and canvas for the event.

The three aerialist fly across the paintings, projected on Velazquez entrance and the three of them cry out loud, among the audience of hundreds gathered at the Paseo de Recoletos: The Prado belongs to everyone!

An interactive and immersive performance, where the audience can take part through their cell phones, using the app Kalliope Suite.

OnionLab creates a mesmerizing 3D mapping, projected on the Museum’s facade, telling the two hundred years of history of the iconic building.

A unique experience and a world-class collaboration, to celebrate two centuries of art and culture and to welcome the third century, one more inclusive and free.


Three great ways to entertain your guests in a convention or special event: The beauty and thrill of the circus acts; the spectacular bespoke visuals of the 3D mapping and the infinite yet unknown possibilities of tech and the coding world.

Sadly, too often we have to choose one of them, because of budget limitations, target audience, the theme of the event, etc. This year we have attempted to solve this issue, combining Circus, Tech and 3D Mapping in one show. It can be adapted to different formats, and lengths, customized with your client’s logos and storytelling, and much more! Take a look and let us know your thoughts:


A solo performer standing in front of the 20 plus meters screen of Kinepolis Madrid, creates and controls data, graphics and algorithms using a pair of tracking gloves. It's the opening show for the last Big Data Spain Summit. 

The company requires a minimalistic style of the actor's / dancer's movement. The key for the staging is he has to be a support and an enhancer of the storytelling. Our creative partner, Things Happen, develops a graphic concept, 100% custom made, based on the history and evolution of Big Data Spain. The abstract narrative remarks the turning point events of the company, in a easy to understand way for Big Data's acquaintances and team members, without losing the spectacular  3D mapping effects we all love so much. This is the result:

  Seven years flying with Helium Fantasy

This video resumes the highlights of our performances with Helium Fantasy in the past 7 years, for the following companies and venues around the globe: Cirque du Soleil, Fútbol Club Barcelona, Real Madrid, Magic Kings Parade in Madrid, Tenerife's Carnival, Barbarella and Electric Paradise electronic music festivals in Dominican Republic, Wonderland Festival in Saudi Arabia, multiple performances at the National Museum of Art and La Llotja in Barcelona, Porto Elunda Hotel in Crete, Alimos Beach Club in Athens, Ocean Beach Club in Marbella, among others. Enjoy!