A solo performer standing in front of the 20 plus meters screen of Kinepolis Madrid, creates and controls data, graphics and algorithms using a pair of tracking gloves. It's the opening show for the last Big Data Spain Summit. 

The company requires a minimalistic style of the actor's / dancer's movement. The key for the staging is he has to be a support and an enhancer of the storytelling. Our creative partner, Things Happen, develops a graphic concept, 100% custom made, based on the history and evolution of Big Data Spain. The abstract narrative remarks the turning point events of the company, in a easy to understand way for Big Data's acquaintances and team members, without losing the spectacular  3D mapping effects we all love so much. This is the result:


- Seven years flying with Helium Fantasy -

This video resumes the highlights of our performances with Helium Fantasy in the past 7 years, for the following companies and venues

around the globe: Cirque du Soleil, Fútbol Club Barcelona, Real Madrid, Magic Kings Parade in Madrid, Tenerife's Carnival, 

Barbarella and Electric Paradise electronic music festivals in Dominican Republic, Wonderland Festival in Saudi Arabia, multiple performances at the National Museum of Art and La Llotja in Barcelona, Porto Elunda Hotel in Crete, Alimos Beach Club in Athens, Ocean Beach Club in Marbella, among others. Enjoy!